4 ans torus actions avec les partenaires

4 years of Torus Actions

March 8th, 2023 marks our 4th anniversary. As in previous years, the day was celebrated with the participation of various partners who are dear to us.
Employees and guests gathered in the company’s premises, which were transformed for the occasion into a festive space accompanied by appropriate decoration and a gourmet buffet.

Inspiring Presentations

Members of the company were able to share their achievements and visions for the future. Some of the topics the presentations covered were that of our Skin Cancer AI module and Understaning the Decisions of a CNN through XAI.
These presentations are a reminder of the hard work and determination of our teams to help our company succeed.
The company is proudly characterized by continuous growth, productive partnerships and a reputation for excellence in the field.
See you next year to celebrate our 5 years together!

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