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In the beginning there was word, and that word was Torus

Torus.AI (Torus Actions) was founded in 2019 by a group of scientists led by Nguyen Tien Zung (Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, University of Toulouse) as a company specialized in the development of intelligence solutions for life, especially in the domains of healthcare and well-being, but also in signal processing, objects detection, etc. We work like an incubator and an R&D center, building a dedicated team for every promising project, that may eventually become an independent company in our Torus ecosystem.

At present, we have four companies that share the name Torus:

  • Torus Actions, which functions mainly as an incubator and R&D center
  • BelleTorus (brand name: Belle.AI) which is a US-based global healthcare AI company, the most trusted company in AI for dermatology, founded in 2021 by Torus Actions and US-based tech entrepreneurs.
  • Torus Medical, founded in 2020 under the name Torus9 and dedicated to the development of AI solutions for spine surgery and other medical problems, in cooperation with US-based tech entrepreneurs.
  • Torus Vietnam, founded in 2021 by very experienced high-level IT managers and specialized in outsourcing for the development of AI solutions of other companies.

Torus, our name, has a very deep philosophical and physico-mathematical origin:

In philosophy, the word torus means processes and entities that are periodic and regular, like our solar system. It is the periodicity and regularity of our world that makes life possible.

Topologically, a torus is a product of circles, and algebraically, a torus is the simplest and most important kind of continuous compact groups. They have the special property that their actions are always normalizable.

In physics, the greatest source of energy is due to the internal motions of atoms and elementary particles, and these motions are toric, quasi-periodic in nature.

Mathematical theorems say that toric dynamical systems, i.e. quasi-periodic motions, are very stable, as they remain quasi-periodic even under perturbations, and they can persist eternally. That is also the reason why we see so many quasi-periodic, toric phenomena in the world.

Last but not least, The toric conservation law (which is a rigorous mathematical theory) says that anything (such as energy, momentum, volume, etc.) that is conserved by a dynamical system is also conserved by its associated torus actions.

May the Torus be with you!


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