About Torus

Founded in 2019 under the name Torus Actions by a group of scientists lead by Professor Nguyen Tien Zung, we are now a group of Torus companies dedicated to the development and commercialization of Intelligence Solutions for Life, especially in healthcare, but also in other domains such as signal processing and objects detection:

Torus Actions (the original company)

BelleTorus (US-based global company for Tele-Dermatology)

Torus9 (dedicated to the spine and related problems)

TorusVN (Asian R&D center)

Our name Torus has a very deep philosophical and physico-mathematical origin:
  • Philosophically, the word torus means things that are periodic and regular, like our solar system. It is the periodicity and regularity of our world that makes life possible.
  • Topologically, a torus is a product of circles, and algebraically, a torus is a simplest and most important kind of continuous compact groups. Compact groups have this very nice property, that their actions are always normalizable.
  • In physics, the greatest source of energy is due to the internal motions of atoms, and these internal motions are toric, quasi-periodic in nature.
  • Mathematical theorems say that toric dynamical systems, i.e. quasi-periodic motions, are very stable, i.e., they remain quasi-periodic even under perturbations, and they can persist eternally. That is also the reason why we see so many quasi-periodic, toric phenomena in the world.
  • The toric conservation law says that anything (such as energy, momentum, volume, etc.) which is conserved by a dynamical system is also conserved by its associated torus action.

We at Torus have a lot of internal energy and aim to be very stable, just like our name.


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