AI Wine

Convivial AI seminar, open to the whole scientific community
Coffee/cookies before the seminar, wine/cheese

Time: Thursdays, 16h-18h (Toulouse time)

Place: Big seminar room, El Paso Batiment, 12 avenue de l’Europe, 31520 Ramonville-Saint-Agne, France

Permanent zoom link:
Meeting ID: 948 4194 9961
Passcode: 323588


Pierre Gillibert (Torus AI)

Francesco Costantino (IMT, University of Toulouse)

Milad Mofazari (ANITI)


Thusday 10 Nov 2022

Milad Mozafari: Reconstructing Natural Scenes from fMRI Patterns using deep generative networks

Ismail Khalfaoui Hassani: From Dilated convolution with learnable spacings to gaussian mixture kernel convolution