Global BelleTorus Summit team members

Global BelleTorus Summit in Vietnam

On April 25th, the Torus team embarked on an exciting journey to Vietnam to partake in the BelleTorus Global Summit and Gala, a momentous occasion marked by immersive team-building activities and seminars across the country. From the captivating scenery of Ha Long Bay to the historical allure of Hue, each destination unveiled Vietnam’s profound cultural richness, leaving a lasting impression on the Torus team.

This event held immense significance for us, as it marked the inaugural meeting between numerous Torus team members and our esteemed partners from Torus Engineering, Taureau AI, and Belle AI. The synergy and teamwork forged during this event laid a strong foundation for future collaborations.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their warm hospitality which greatly contributed to the success of this remarkable journey.

Our time in Vietnam not only deepened our appreciation of its vibrant heritage but also strengthened the connections that bind us together in our common quest for innovative AI solutions.

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