Medzino Partners With Belle for AI-Powered Digital Skin Health

Belle is the trademark of BelleTorus Corp., the US-based company that we cofounded. For now, Belle’s algorithm is the strongest one in dermatology. Through its precision and quickness, the algorithm allows the physician to reach as fast as possible the best results in relation to skin diseases. Later, Belle will also be able to transmit the fastest diagnostics around skin troubles. On june 29, Belle officialized its partnership with Medzino. 

Medzino is a tele health care platform. Based in the US, this app links physicians with patients through 39 states. This platform includes many types of care such as mental health, chronic diseases, well being, etc. After a consultation and the measure of the risks, the physicians are able to prescribe the medication for the patient. Medzino has in charge, the consultation, the diagnostic and the medication of the patient. 

The partnership between Medzino and Belle Ai offers a great opportunity for both services. Indeed, Belle’s algorithm is promoted on the platform in its skin healthcare section through the Acne and eczema analysis. Medzino has also, through the choice of making a partnership with Belle, the strongest algorithm on its side. 

This partnership is also a great opportunity for Torus Actions. As it is developed in this article, the profits made by Belle through the dermatology are in part sent to us. Through this investment, we are able to develop even more in our research and development of our artificial intelligences. Learn more about this partenairship :

Here is the press release from Jun 29th 2022:

Medzino is a US-based tele-health company, and one of our newest partners/customers. You can see our AI solutions on the website (; scroll down to the “Skin” section)