New collaboration between Les Grands Interprètes and Torus AI.

Les Grands Interprètes and their values.

Deeply rooted in the identity of Toulouse, Les Grands Interprètes vocation is to share their passion for music with everyone. Their desire is to make culture accessible to every social group and generation through the invitation of a few “founding orchestras of the history of music and emblematic of a great tradition” as Catherine d’Arbouquet, director of the Grand Interprètes says.  

    It is this local and philosophical vision of cultural sharing that has led Torus to take such an interest in the Grands Interprètes. Indeed, with frequent events since many decades, the organization has much to delight the musically curious. Our new partner goes far beyond that in terms of sharing musical tastes. They want to promote classical music, thus allowing everyone to gather around an exciting music, rich in history and emotions.

An association dear to the values of our company.

By creating a partnership with the Grands Interprètes, we place ourselves on the same level as major national and local institutions, such as the Commissariat à Général à l’Egalité des Territoires (General Commission for Territorial Equality) or the Région Occitanie and the Toulouse City Council. Our sponsorship of great performers is dear to the values we promote at Torus. Indeed, by placing ourselves as actors in local culture, we affirm our desire to contribute to a healthier lifestyle on a daily basis.

    Beyond our active contribution to the cultural and local life of Toulouse, we also benefit from our association with the Grands Interprètes. Indeed, we will be able to enjoy privileged moments with our partners. By being close to the music and its understanding, we advance in the creation of a Torus culture.