Three years of Torus AI


      It's time to celebrate the three years of Torus. There are many reasons but the particular one, is the signification of the number three. The third point brings to the summit of a pyramid after having build some solid bases. The third chance is the one which is won. And, more of all, three is the number of continents carring the values of Torus...

                                          It's time to blow out the candles around the first achieving of Torus ! 

                                 Three, two, one... Throwback to the first, second and third years of Torus !

      An idea emerged in Tien Zung Nguyens mind in 2018 while he teaches foundamental mathematics in the Mathematics Institute of Toulouse. The project is achieved in 2019 through the creation of Torus Actions. The phD director's idea was to aply his knowlege in mathematics to health and maintain of human being through artificial intelligence. 

      It's during the show BFM Business, the 20th novembre of 2021 that Pr. Zung expressed the values of Torus. "Intelligence isn't artificial, it's universal, we have to identify and unify with every actor and patients, to create awesome items for the life."

                                              A smart team invested in an innovant project.

      Sylvain Delmas  smoothly integrated the team, cohesion wasn't the only reason, indeed, he enjoyed the enthusiasm and the project became a passion for him. “It became a passion, first, they focused on skin cancer, what I was interested for where the human values, it saved lives : it's a kids dream to save lives through my work, we fastly succeded". Our experience started in a small office. Today, we're working in new ones, three times larger ! 

      We began through this few years to create many algorithm. Our positive results where fastly observed through 3D mapping, Signal Processind and diagnostic help, also through or project Skin AI. 

      Through this experience, we can observe that the first results of Torus are far more than technical, but they also symbolise a virtuous team working. 

                                                     A competence and confidence based experience.

      During the past three years, the Torus network exponentially developed itself. Many partner added their energy and confidence to our team. French institutions such as Jeune entreprise innovante, crédit Impôt Recherche, Banque Publique d'inverstissent, Ad'Occ and Toulouse Metropole believed in our project through different programms. But we also got new partners such as iToboS and Euromed.

      As we have experienced the investments of our partners, we try to turn them in a benefic way. That's why, over our internal projects, we realyse many events to provide our passion for innovation. Seminaries, hackatons, efforts in R&D... And, we also invest in three master students through three fellowship. 

      Finally, if Torus had to be discribed in three words, it would be Intelligence for Life.