French public organizations support Torus’ endeavors

Torus Actions is grateful to central and local French governments for their strong support to young, innovative companies like ours through programs such as:

  • Jeune Entreprise Innovante (Young Innovative Enterprise status): reduction of social charges Torus must pay to the government
  • CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche/Research Tax Credit): This program, backed by French law, encourages our investment in R&D. Although we have not yet benefited from this CIR, we expect to receive up to €150K for our 2020 fiscal year exercise, as a large number of our employees are young PhD graduates.
  • BPI (Public Bank of Investments grant): We obtained the “Deep Tech” label from BPI, along with a grant of €90K, for the development of our Skin Cancer AI. We hope to receive more such grants from BPI and other public organizations in the future for our various research programs.
  • Ad’Occ grant (Regional Government of Occitania): this aids us in the acquisition of a high-performance machine learning server.
  • Toulouse Metropole: which hosts us at the Toulouse Metropole Incubator at subsidized prices and helps us build a network of potential partners and clients. When we started in 2019, we had only 27m2 of office space in a small apartment. Two years later, we have about 270m2 of office space at “Pépinière d’Entreprise de Montaudran”, provided by Toulouse Metropole, and we plan to move to a much bigger place in 2022, because we have “grown up”.