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NVIDIA, our newest sponsor

Technologies are evolving exponentially and the digital field is very competitive. Mastering the latest knowledge in this field is our priority. Ensuring quality support requires us to perfect our skills. It is necessary to ensure that our know-how is continuously aligned with the digital news. We would like to thank NVIDIA for their sponsorship.

Who is NVIDIA?

NVIDIA is a pioneer in computing and technology. The company has created some of the most powerful graphics processors available today. Their business areas include high-performance computing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Based in the United States, the company is a leader in the creation of numerous technological processes. Its expertise enables them to design the best graphics cards and chip technologies for PCs and game consoles.

The company has created a program to support startups in their evolution. Through this program, companies enjoy rapid development. Indeed, the NVIDIA program offers access to many benefits. By going beyond access to cutting-edge technologies, NVIDIA also provides a privileged contact with many professionals. Being an NVIDIA Inception member allows us to receive:

  • Access to industry-leading SDKs (development kits). Preferential on-premise pricing for NVIDIA GPUs (graphics processing units). But also over $100,000 in credits for access to GPUs in the cloud.
  • 200 free NVIDIA courses credit for the Deep Learning Institute. Allowing our teams to learn about the latest cutting-edge technology.
  • Connecting with venture capital partners and clients.
  • Co-marketing support in the form of speaking opportunities at the CWG. We can also take advantage of invitations to members-only networking events, etc.

These are many factors that allow us to evolve as an incubator of artificial intelligence solutions. We can thus count on the success of our interventions among the projects we support.

However, we cannot ignore that some entities, anchored in the market, also have confidence in our projects. It is important that we continue to move forward with our technologies. That’s why NVIDIA’s sponsorship is a very important factor for Torus Actions.

What does this partnership involve?

NVIDIA’s support, in turn, allows us to invest in the programs we believe in. To ensure support at the cutting edge of technology is to ensure the most relevant evolution. That’s what NVIDIA believes in and that’s what we’re doing, providing more and more possibilities in our field.

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