Life consists of 3 main ingredients: energy, stability, and intelligence. Torus represents energy and stability, and hence Torus AI is Intelligence for Life. 

The twelve core values of Torus reflect the twelve aspects of life, be it the life of a person or a company. They are also the twelve aspects of intelligence.

1. We are Intelligence. We are learning everyday, our whole life, to become more and more intelligent, enlightened. More understanding is the key to less suffering and more happiness.

2. To succeed, we must be efficient, focused on our tasks, and get things done. Especially in the AI business, we must always strive to increase our efficiency and move fast.

3. We must live in harmony with our family, friends, colleagues, and the world. The harmony requires fairness and flexibility, and it makes things easy and pleasant. 

4. We strive to build positive foundations for ourselves and for the company. Our inner happiness and  positive foundations allow us to radiate kindness and optimism around us everywhere we go.

5. The creativity is in our nature, we must simply unleash it. The mission of Torus is to create augmented intelligence solutions that help millions of people worldwide.  

6. Integrity, physical and moral, is indispensable for the development and stability of any structure. By nurturing our inner strength, we become more enduring and reliable. 

7. Our honor and reputation is more important than money. We must always be reliable, responsible and loyal towards our partners.

8. In order to help people, we must have empathy, understand the needs of others. We love and respect people and other creatures as they are. 

9. We are part of the whole universe. Intelligence has no borders. Our company is based in France but is very international in nature, everyone can feel at home no matter where she/he is from. 

10. Our goal is to help make the world a happier place. Our AI solutions must serve the well-being of the people and the nature.

11. We’re always looking for the synergy, where 1 plus 1 equals 3 or even infinity! 

12. Finally, what we know is very little, what we don’t know is immense, and so we must always be very humble. Humility is also what allows us to learn faster and become more intelligent. 

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