Some recent publications of scientists at Torus

(we have just started to compile this list, please come back later to see a more complete list)


  • S Figueroa Iglesias & S Mirrahimi, Selection and mutation in a shifting and fluctuating environment
  • Hoang H.S. and Baraille R. (2021) On estimation of model error by an adaptive filter. Available from:
  • Hoang H.S. and Baraille R. (2021) Adaptive Filter as Efficient Tool for Data Assimilation under Uncertainties. Available from:
  • J-F. Mattei and other authors, Topologically complete families for Germs of holomorphic foliations, arXiv :2105.12688, (2021), 80 pages
  • NTT Nga et al, Topological voting method for image segmentation, 2021
  • JL Perrot among authors, Dermoscopy of early melanomas: variation according to the anatomic site , Archives of Dermatological Research (2021)
  • JL Perrot among authors, The comparative use of multiple electronic devices in the teledermoscopic diagnosis of early melanoma
  • JL Perrot among authors, Twice-weekly topical calcipotriene/betamethasone dipropionate foam as proactive management of plaque psoriasis increases time in remission and is well tolerated over 52 weeks (PSO-LONG trial), JAAD Vol 84 issue 5 (2021).
  • T. Ratiu, Ch. Walcheux, NT Zung, Convexity of singular affine structures and toric-focus integrable Hamiltonian systems, 80+ pages, Memoires AMS (to appear)
  • NT Thanh and other authors, K-step analysis of orthogonal greedy algorithms for non-negative sparse representations. Signal process.vol. 188, Elsevier, pp. 108185, 2021
  • Torus team, Unified modelling of epidemics by coupled dynamics via Monte-Carlo Markov Chain algorithms, arXiv:2016.13463
  • NT Zung et al, Convexity of the ROC curve and accuracy measures for binary classification problems.
  • Céline et al, CBC …


  • NTT Hang among authors, Optimal Timing in Dynamic and Robust Attacker Engagement During Advanced Persistent Threats
  • NTT Hang and other authors, Mean-field limit of the fixed-reward incentive mechanism in Delay Tolerant Networks <Doi: 10.23919/WIOPT.2018.8362810>. Shanghai, China, May 2018.
  • NTT Hang and other authors, A mixed strategy for a competitive game in Delay Tolerant Networks. 15th European Performance Engineering Workshop. Paris, October 29-30, 2018.
  • Hoang HS, Baraille R. (2019) On estimation of model error by an adaptive filter. WSEAS Transactions on Systems and Control. 2019;14:158-168.
  • Hoang HS, B. Baraille, A simple numerical method based simultaneous stochas-tic perturbation for estimation of high dimensional matrices, J “Multidimensional Systems and Signal Processing”, 2019, Issue 1, 195 – 217
  • J-F. Mattei and other authors, Topological Moduli Space for Germs of Holomorphic Foliations, International Mathematics Research Notices, (2020), No. 23, pages 9228–9292.
  • J-F. Mattei and other authors, Invariant Hypersurfaces and Nodal Components for Codimesnion One Singular Foliations, RAC- SAM 114, 186 (2020). 35 pages, https ://
  • JL Perrot and other authors, Melanoma …
  • F. Protin (2019), Dynamics of a non cohomologically hyperbolic automorphism of C 3, arxiv 1911.11231
  • F. Protin (2019), Pluripotential theory on the support of closed positive currents and applications to dynamics in C^n, Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 198, p. 2007-2028.
  • F. Protin (2018), ŁS condition for filled Julia sets in C, Annali di Matematica Pura ed Applicata, 197, p. 1845-1854.
  • F. Protin (2019), A new algorithm for graph center computation and graph partitioning according to the distance to the center.
  • Willy Rodriguez, …
  • NT Thanh and other authors, Non-negative orthogonal greedy algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.vol. 67 (no. 21), pp. 5643-5658, 2019
  • Torus team, Epidemic Dynamics via wavelet theory and machine learning with applications to covid-19, Biology 20209(12), 477;
  • Torus team, Report on ISIC 2019 Challenge’s prize-winning solution (2019), hal-02335240
  • Torus team and other authors, – A fast and simple modification of Newton’s method helping to avoid saddle points arxiv 2006.01512 (2020)
  • NT Zung et al, Loss functions …
  • T Ratiu and NT Zung, Presymplectic conveity and (ir)rational polytopes, Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • NT Zung, A conceptual approach to the problem of action-angle variables, Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis volume 229, pages789–833 (2018)