Research Directions

Our scientific team, with over 20 PhDs, is doing both fundamental and applied Math-AI research.

Our fundamental research directions include:

  • Differential geometry and topology, with applications to AI
  • Chaotic and regular dynamical systems
  • Mathematical modeling of complex systems using modern mathematical methods (agent-based, networked models, micro-macro, deterministic and stochastic ODEs/PDEs, wavelet decomposition and spectral analysis, MCMC, among other simulation methods, ec.)
  • Structure and representation of information and intelligence
  • Stochastic and heuristic optimization methods
  • Design of neural networks
  • Efficient focal asymmetric loss functions
  • Topological voting/ensemble methods
  • Geometric transformations and augmentation methods
  • Fuzzy boundary problems
  • Transfer learning
  • 3D reconstruction

Our applied R&D directions include:

  • Digitalization of dermatology/dermatocosmetics (qualitative and quantitative multi-modal analysis of all skin diseases and skin care)
  • AI for spine surgery
  • AI for cancers
  • Real-time object recognition in videos
  • AI for RF and satellite signal processing, GPS/GNSS
  • Natural language processing applied to healthcare
  • AI for music, with applications to healthcare and well-being

Interested in joining our scientific team? Email us at [email protected].