Acne AI offers the best way for measuring facial acne severity

Acne is one of the most common skin problems, affecting up to 20% of the world’s population every day.

Today, even though there are several treatment products developed by cosmetic/pharmaceutical companies, people do not always understand their acne severity and do not have proper treatment, which often results in acne scars. Moreover, clinical tests are usually too expensive and time consuming for the aforementioned companies. Our AcneAI was created to help those who suffer from this skin condition by providing an automatic acne severity score in real time.

In order to compute the severity score, we study the area of each type of acne and its individual score. Our intelligence algorithms are built to distinguish two types of acne even if they are right next to the other, thus scoring them separately.

We are able to process images by batches. For instance, users can upload up to 100 images at a time or a zip file. Immediately after they hit the Upload to predict button, our AI will run a scan and provide a detailed prediction for each image.

Fig 1: AcneAI can process images by batches.

  Our Artificial Intelligence will pinpoint the amount of each type of acne per image, as well as the specific severity score. It will also mark the acne in different colors on the original image, so the user can be aware of the exact position of each acne in their face.  

Fig 2: AcneAI provides a detailed prediction for each image.

Fig 3: In addition to the acne type, we show the area of discoloration and its percentage over skin region.

We have developed the capacity to generate an automatic statistical report. As shown here, we give an overview of acne severity as well as the discoloration seen in that image. We also point out the quantity of each type of acne for every image and for the entire batch. For a more technical approach, we additionally have the option to download a CSV with a detailed prediction.