Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common skin disease worldwide. 1 in 10 Americans suffers from AD. Symptoms range from excessively dry and itchy skin to painful rashes and sleepless nights that negatively affect patients’ life. Children develop this disease more often than adults with a prevalence of approximately 10-20%.

The good news is that AD can be treated using medications or therapies. Our EASI AI aims to measure the severity of an AD lesion. This will help users be aware about the level of intensity and thus follow the effects of treatment over time.

Our AI algorithm currently uses the EASI scoring system, which is calculated based on four features: erythema, papulation, excoriation and lichenification. Once users upload an image, they should make sure that the image is clear and has good quality, our system will take only a couple of seconds to first detect whether the AD is in the image or not and then measure the severity.

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