To make the world a more happy place, we must be happy ourselves. That’s why at Torus we always strive to provide the best conditions for the career development and the life of our people: free training, scientific seminars, convivial workplace, free food, free supplementary healthcare, free childcare, etc. We also have competitive pay packages, including an options program to allow our employees to become stockholders of our companies and profit directly from the success of Torus.

We are always on the look for very open-minded, talented people, who are passionate about developing AI to serve other people, to join our team. Current open positions at Torus include:

World-wide: Medical Collaborators.

In Toulouse: Administrative Director; AI Research Engineers; Software Developers.

In Hanoi: Software Developers.

The Medical Collaborators are medical doctors who can help us acquire and/or annotate medical data for machine learning, conduct clinical trials, present our AI solutions to all those who may benefit from them, etc.

The AI Research Engineers are highly-qualified people (preferably with a PhD or at least a MS) who can design and develop efficient AI modules using machine learning methods and neural networks, and who can also do research in multi-purpose AI research.

The software developers will develop API-based user interface software (website/mobile/etc.) for our AI modules and for helping our doctors and data scientists acquire and annotate data.

Interested in becoming a member of Torus? Please contact us at [email protected].

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