The story of Torus Actions

In the beginning there was word,
and that word was Torus

Torus Actions SAS (a.k.a. Torus AI) was founded in 2019 by a group of scientists led by Professor Nguyen Tien Zung who discovered the toric conservation principle:

Everything conserved by a dynamical system is also conserved by its associated torus actions

Our mission is to create augmented intelligence solutions for the well-being of millions of people worldwide.

The aim of our solutions is to accompany the world in its transformation by resolving real issues, especially in the domains of healthcare and well-being, but also in other industrial and economic sectors.

We work as an incubator and an R&D center, building a dedicated team for every promising project. We are using powerful and efficient AI algorithms and IT technologies, optimizing resources for less environmental impact.

The Torus ecosystem

At present, there are four companies in the Torus ecosystem :

Torus Actions

which functions mainly as an incubator and R&D center

logo Belle Torus AI

Belle Torus

which is a US-based global healthcare AI company, the most trusted company in AI for dermatology

Torus Engineering Vietnam

Research and Development Center based in Asia


Technical division for AI products and software solutions for external partners

What does Torus mean?

Torus, our name, has a very deep philosophical and physico-mathematical origin.

In philosophy, the word torus means processes and entities that are periodic and regular, like our solar system. It is the periodicity and regularity of our world that makes life possible.

Topologically, a torus is a product of circles, and algebraically, a torus is the simplest and most important kind of continuous compact group. They have the special property that their actions are always normalizable.

In physics, the greatest source of energy is due to the internal motions of atoms and elementary particles, and these motions are toric, quasi-periodic in nature.

Mathematical theorems say that toric dynamical systems, i.e. quasi-periodic motions, are very stable, as they remain quasi-periodic even under perturbations, and they can persist eternally. That is also the reason why we see so many quasi-periodic, toric phenomena in the world.

Last but not least, the toric conservation law (which is a rigorous mathematical theory) says that anything (such as energy, momentum, volume, etc.) that is conserved by a dynamical system is also conserved by its associated torus actions.

Important dates

logo Torus Actions, société de création de logiciels d'Intelligence Artificielle

Torus has 4 R&D Groups

35 Employees, End of 2023

ISO 13485:2016 Certificate​

Awarded to Torus, Nov 2023​​ wins contracts

with NIH, WHO, etc., 2023

logo du CNES en bleu, partenaire de Torus Actions

Contract with CNES

Torus Adaptive Filters, 2023

logo geosur, robot agricole développé par Torus Actions

GEOSUR Consortium

Agricultural Robots, 2022 Created

Co-founded by Torus, 2022 Launches BellePro

Dermatological AI App, 2022

Pulmonary AI

Incubation, 2022

Bought New Building

600m² - March 2022

logo Belle Torus AI

BelleTorus Corp. (

Co-founded, July 14th 2021

Torus Engineering Vietnam

Co-founded, 2021

Creation of Torus Medical

Radiology Project, Sep 2020

Epidemiology Contract

Covid19 & Other Diseases, 2020

ERC 4-year Project iToBos

Skin Cancer Detection, 2020

2nd Investor & Partner

March 2020

Moved to New Offices

Toulouse Incubator, Jan 2020

Contract with a Bank

Credit Rating AI, 2020

ISIC Intl Challenge Prize

Skin Cancer Detection, Sep 2019

1st Angel Investor

July 2019

1st Employee

Summer 2019

1st Office: 27m² Studio

May 2019

Creation of Torus Actions

March 8, 2019

Acne Project


AI Seminar at the University


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