TorusLab is the place where early-stage AI projects of very high potential impact are incubated, by ourselves or in partnership with other companies and organizations.

By leveraging our collective expertise and fostering a collaborative environment with other teams, we promote the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary cooperation. With a focus on industrial needs, our researchers aim at discovering the most innovative and efficient AI approaches fulfilling real-world requirements and clients’ demands.

We are also doing theoretical research in AI and in mathematical methods for AI. Our research results (e.g., on neural network structures, loss functions, optimization methods, voting methods, bias detection, etc.) can then be applied directly to our AI projects.

We identify challenges, explore innovative solutions and propose new ideas, technologies or methodologies, in collaboration with other teams, based on research findings to improve the company’s competitiveness.

We keep abreast of the latest advances, trends and discoveries by attending conferences, workshops and seminars, networking with peers and participating in relevant communities.

TorusLab also organizes a bi-weekly AI Tasting Seminar, open to anyone interested in learning about the latest trends in AI. Most of the speakers of this seminar are AI experts and technology managers from outside of Torus.

projects of Torus Lab


We reinforce and share our knowledge by organizing regular open-to-public seminars called “AI Tasting” where we invite researchers to present their recent findings in AI and Machine Learning.


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