Torus Actions teams

Composition of the management team:

  • General Director,
  • Senior Mathematician.

Composition of Business Services Teams:

  • Business development and innovation director,
  • Administration manager,
  • Medical Director,
  • Quality and regulatory affairs manager,
  • Marketing and communication assistants.

Composition of the teams of the different development and technology groups of Torus Actions:

IT and software development team

  • Machine learning engineer,
  • Computer scientist,
  • Junior developer,
  • Junior data scientist,
  • AI product engineers.

Signal processing team

  • Computer engineers,
  • Junior and senior data scientists.

Skin AI team

  • Director of research and development
  • Data manager,
  • Data scientists,
  • AI product scientists.

TorusLab Incubator  team

  • Scientific directors,
  • AI research scientist,
  • Senior mathematician.

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Within Torus, the different teams work together to work effectively on the different projects.

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