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L'équipe de Torus Actions lors de son séminaire annuel

Torus annual team-building seminar

For us, team cohesion is one of our major objectives.

☀️ This is why we have decided to hold a team-building seminar from 9 June to 11 June 2022 in a beautiful luxury castle called “Chateau St Pierre de Serjac”. A combination of professional seminars and fun activities over 3 days allowed us to get to know each other better, improved our solidarity and made our team stronger.

Activities organized during this event include:

Presentation of the company, its people and projects

⚽ Sports activities and fun competitions

Afternoon relaxation and free time

Convivial meals

The feedback on our annual team-building event was extremely positive, everyone enjoyed it and wanted the company to organize an events like this again very soon!

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