équipe TORUS lors du séminaire au Pays Basque

Autumn Adventures with Torus: Seminar in the Basque Country

We recently held a seminar in the Basque Country, combining work, team-building and unforgettable adventure over 3 days.
The Basque Country is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine. This picturesque region provided the backdrop for Torus’ autumn seminar, offering the perfect setting for a weekend of exploration and learning.

The main objectives

Learning: Getting to know the different team projects.
Team building: Strengthen bonds between team members and foster a sense of unity.
Exploration: Immerse participants in a different culture and environment.
The seminar offered a wide range of activities, so there was something for everyone.

The exciting adventures

Karaoke night: We had sing-along on Friday evening.
Escape game: We put our teamwork to the test in an exciting escape game.
Olympiads: Teams took on challenges on the beach in Biarritz, in a friendly competition designed to encourage collaboration.

Seminar: Torus didn’t forget the educational aspect of the seminar. We were able not only to learn, but also to give feedback on each other’s projects and work.

The response to our team-building gathering was favorable, with everyone relishing the experience and expressing a desire for the company to host similar events in the future!

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