La Mêlée Numérique 2023

Our La Mêlée Numérique Experience

This event, held annually in Toulouse, France, brought together tech enthusiasts, innovators, and industry leaders from across Occitanie and France. Our journey at La Mêlée Numérique involved a pitch session at “Meet the Big” and a thought-provoking round table discussion, the topic of which was “Innovation and AI at the service of patients and healthcare staff”, where our director Zung Nguyen had a seat.

The Pitch Session: “Meet the Big”

One of the highlights of our La Mêlée Numérique experience was the opportunity to pitch our company to a diverse and engaged audience. The experience allowed us to showcase our expertise and foster connections.

Round Table Discussion

We also participated in a stimulating round table discussion. Our discussion focused on the topic of “Innovation and AI at the service of patients and healthcare staff” and offered a platform to challenge assumptions and gain fresh perspectives.
In conclusion, La Mêlée Numérique was an enriching experience that immersed us in the digital world, fostering connections and inspiring innovation.

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