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TorusAI signed strategic contracts with BelleTorus

Torus Actions and BelleTorus signed strategic contracts in July 2021, under which Torus Actions will transfer the IP rights on all current and future dermatology AI software developed by Torus Actions to BelleTorus, in exchange for a large part of BelleTorus’ stocks and options, and a continuous stream of money that will fully support the R&D in dermatology AI.

What is BelleTorus?

Founded earlier this year by Torus Actions and US-based tech entrepreneurs, BelleTorus aims to become the world’s most trusted company in AI for teledermatology, among other telehealth services.

Tools developped by BelleTorus and Torus Actions

Currently, the company offers its clients and partners the most comprehensive set of high-precision AI tools for dermatology: qualitative and quantitative analysis of hundreds of different skin problems. It will soon also offer AI-assisted diagnosis of many types of cancers (thyroid, lung, liver, etc.).

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