graphique d'analayse epidemiologique du Covid 19 par Torus Actions

Torus Actions won a contract on epidemic modeling & management in 2020

US-based Belle AI in partnership with Torus Actions won a contract worth more than €1M to provide Math-AI modeling and consulting services to a governmental organization for the management of Covid-19 and other epidemics. This contract was the main source of revenue for Torus Actions in 2020 and early 2021, and allowed us to have enough money to finance our R&D program on Skin AI, which resulted in the creation of BelleTorus corporation in 2021.

the solutions provided in this agreement

Under the contract, the researchers from Torus Actions developed advanced mathematical and computational models (based on enhanced compartmental agent-based networked models, stochastic ODEs and PDEs with delays, Levy flights, hidden propagation, wavelet decomposition, MCMC, etc.) that led to actionable information about the risk levels, best courses of action, confinement and vaccination strategies, etc.

In particular, our results gave advanced warning to our clients about the arrival of the second wave and the following waves of Covid in the US

So that, we could urge them to be more prudent, while most other models used by the governments were too simplistic, underestimated the danger and missed the waves.

Professor Roy Perlis from Harvard Medical School was part of our team in this project. We also had extensive scientific discussions with our French and international mathematical colleagues, and in particular with the researchers from Max-Plank Institute for Mathematical Sciences, who advised the German government on covid management.

Some of our theoretical results have been made public in two research (pre)publications, see


Other results of ours exist only in confidential report form or software code.

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