Torus AI: A Laureate in Toulouse’s Innovation Landscape


In the spotlight of Toulouse’s dynamic innovation scene, Torus AI proudly joins the ranks of laureates recognized in the France 2030 investment plan. The visit of French President Emmanuel Macron marks the plan’s two-year milestone, focusing on achievements and setting new goals, particularly in the challenging realm of decarbonizing aviation.

Torus AI’s Laureate Status:

Among the industry leaders contributing to the plan’s success, Torus AI receives laureate status, underscoring its commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence. This recognition positions Torus AI alongside major players like Airbus and Safran, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing innovation in Toulouse.

Collaborative Impact:

Toulouse’s innovation ecosystem shines with over 470 projects benefiting from the France 2030 plan, spanning healthcare research, autonomous agriculture robots, and more. Torus AI’s success story aligns with this collaborative spirit, showcasing the power of collective effort in driving innovation.

Looking Forward:

As Torus AI celebrates its laureate status, the focus now shifts to the future. The recognition brings a responsibility to continue advancing artificial intelligence and contributing to the plan’s overarching goals. Toulouse, with Torus AI at the forefront, remains a dynamic force in shaping the future of French innovation.


In the midst of President Macron’s visit and the France 2030 plan’s milestones, Torus AI’s laureate status highlights its role in Toulouse’s vibrant innovation landscape. With a shared commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering collaboration, Torus AI and its peers pave the way for a future marked by technological advancements and sustainable solutions.

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