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Torus AI nominated for the Septuors edition of 2022

The Septuor is an event rewarding innovative businesses. This event is organized by the different regions of Occitania. The Septuors aim to celebrate the many political and economic actors. During this private event, different prizes are distributed throughout different fields. The goal of this event is to enhance the territories and their creations, but also to enable the different actors to build new networks.

Who is at the origin of the Septuor?

Organised by La Dépêche, this event counts Ad’Oc, CCI Toulouse Haute Garonne and Région Occitanie among its main partners.

The different categories designated for the Septuor

Seven fields are designated for the Septuor:

  • trade, crafts and territory
  • entrepreneur
  • industries
  • innovation
  • international
  • agri-food
  • sustainable development.

For each category, two finalists were selected.

Where we were nominated?

Torus was nominated for the Innovation category for the artificial intelligence algorithm. Indeed, we currently have the strongest dermatology algorithm. Congratulated on our ability to attract public and private funding for our advanced algorithm, you can watch the ceremony on the La Dépêche website.



It is not the first media appearance from Torus. In 2021, Tien Zung Nguyen represented the startup on BFM Business.

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