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Logo iToBos dans la lutte contre le cancer de la peau

Torus, proud member of iToBoS consortium for fighting skin cancer

iToBoS is one of the only five projects, out of more than 150 proposals, that have been selected by the European Research Council Horizon 2020 program. The goal of the project is to build a full-body 3D scanner that can be used in hospitals for early detection of melanoma and other types of skin cancer.

What is the iToBoS consortium?

The iToBoS consortium consists of 19 members, including universities and hospital (Barcelona, Trieste, Hannover, among others); big companies (IBM, BOSCH, etc.); NGOs (European Melanoma Patient Network, etc.), and small companies (Coronis Computing, Trilateral Research, Torus Actions and others).

The program officially started on April 1st 2021. The European Research Council will give a total of approximately 12 million euros of financial support to the iToBoS consortium, of which 670 thousand euros will be for Torus, over a 4-year period.

The role of Torus Actions in the iToBoS Consortium

The main role of Torus Actions within the iToBoS consortium is to build AI modules for mole matching among different images, mole evolution detection, detailed analysis of individual moles, and AI-assisted personalized diagnosis based on images and patient metadata.

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